Local Food Week Underway

CK residents check out a farmer's market as part of Local Food Week (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

The community is invited to show its appreciation to area growers for Local Food Week.

CK Economic Development Officer Kim Cooper feels the ag industry is often taken for granted. “Agriculture has and always will be in Chatham-Kent. Sometimes we forget how important it is. This week is meant to honour those who produce the food for us, and hopefully that lasts the entire year.”

Public Dietician Lyndsay Davidson adds it’s not just about growing local food, but local healthy food. “We grow so much of it but we don’t consume it. It’s important we get it into the hands of kids, so they can learn how to prepare it and grow to be healthier.”

The municipality is holding a flag raising this morning at 11am, followed by a local food market until 1pm.