Frost Threatens Asparagus Crop

Asparagus growing in field. ( file photo by Simon Crouch)

Area farmers are in danger of losing some of their crops overnight.

Environment Canada has issued a frost advisory for the region. Bob Kerr of Kerr Farms in Chatham grows, among other things, 45 acres of asparagus. He says the recent warm spell has asparagus growing at the best rate in the last five years, so he’ll apply a protective spray in hopes of saving the crop.

“By doing that, we hope to increase the mineral density of the cells in the plant and lower the freezing point so that even if there is a touch of frost, the cells of the plant won’t be damaged,” says Kerr. He adds that if the frost does occur, it won’t kill the plant and the asparagus will grow again within about a week.

The asparagus growing season is a short one, beginning the first week of May and wrapping up the end of the third week of June.