Windsor Express Head Coach Bill Jones (left) and Owner Dartis Willis speak with media at Windsor's Downtown Business Accelerator, May 8, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Express Receiving Punishment For Skirmish (VIDEO)

Sanctions are being imposed on the Windsor Express following a scuffle before Game 7 of the NBL Canada championship last week.

Head Coach Bill Jones will be suspended for an entire season and fined $4,000, while Point Guard Tony Bennett could be kicked out of the league for life.

Team Owner Dartis Willis doesn’t believe the investigation of the incident has been fair, and doesn’t agree with the league’s ruling. “I understand the circumstance and what the intent was, but I think the investigation itself was botched,” he explains. “I think having an ex-coach, who competed with another coach, to do that (investigation) is probably not the right thing to do.”

As the league continues to evaluate the situation, Willis says the lifetime ban for Bennett is pending. He adds that there are two members of the Halifax Rainmen who were also involved in the altercation, but have yet to be interviewed by the NBL.