Dangerous Driving Charge In Wallaceburg

BlackburnNews.com file photo of the Chatham-Kent Police Service Headquarters. (Photo by Jason Viau)

A Wallaceburg man is facing dangerous driving charges after a crash left another man fearing for his safety.

Police responded to a crash on Base Line Rd. back on February 6. Through investigation, the officer learned both drivers knew each other, and one was following the other. The man passed the vehicle and then slowed down causing the driver to have to pass him. The man then sped up again and up ahead turned his vehicle so it was blocking both lanes. As the driver attempted to move forward, the suspect spun his car around and went into reverse causing the vehicles to collide.

Police say the suspect then got out of his vehicle and started pounding on the windows of the other vehicle. The driver feared for his and his family’s safety so he fled the scene.

TheĀ 26-year-old has been released with a future court date.