Student Project Raises $10K

The 2014/15 Kingdom Project has raised $10,000 for the United Way of Chatham-Kent. (Photo by Mike James)

A school board project has raised $10,000 for the United Way of Chatham-Kent.

More than a dozen St. Clair Catholic elementary school groups and one Chatham high school group, UCC, were given $100 each as part of the Kingdom Project. The goal was to take the money and come up with ways to make it grow and then donate the total.

Grade 8 student at Christ the King in Wallaceburg Paige Cooper says her group raised over $430. “We had a Disney Day,” says Cooper. “What we did was we had a movie and sold snacks and stuff and it was $1 to watch the movie Finding Nemo. It turned out really well.”

Grade 7 student at St. Anne in Blenheim Carter Pickering says his group held three events, including a gum day. “It would be $2 for you to chew gum all day,” says Carter. “And then in the gym, we would have a contest of who could blow the biggest bubble from primary to senior, and the teachers.” Carter says they’ve raised over $900 to this point and still have a skating day event they’re holding to add to their total.

This marked the sixth year for the Kingdom Project.