Trudeau Talks Jobs (Gallery)

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks at a rally in Windsor on January 21, 2015. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Speaking at a rally in Windsor, Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says Windsor’s high unemployment rate is “a problem that can be fixed.”

Trudeau met with a room full of supporters at the Ciociaro Club Wednesday night.

This week he says he heard about a Leamington teacher who was forced to move to B.C. for work because there were no jobs for him in this region. “Here in southwestern Ontario, this story is all too common these days — you know this,” says Trudeau. “Windsor’s unemployment rate is the second highest in the country. This is a problem. This is a problem we can’t ignore, but it’s also a problem that can be fixed.”

Trudeau says his plan for the country will include all regions and sectors in Canada. “A plan that recognizes manufacturing advantages that already exist in southwestern Ontario, the educated and skilled workers here, and uses that to innovate to Canada’s advantage,” says Trudeau. is sitting down with Trudeau for a one-on-one interview Thursday morning. Stay tuned for more with Justin Trudeau.