Turbine Demonstration Has Desired Effect

Members of the West Elgin Residents Opposing Wind Turbines (WEROWT) pictured along with Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Jeff Yurek (third from left, front). Photo taken January 20, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Jane Anderson)

It looks like an anti-wind turbine demonstration in Rodney had the desired affect the group was looking for.

Co-chair of the West Elgin Residents Opposing Wind Turbines (WEROWT) Jane Anderson says about 30 people showed up to the Rodney Legion this morning. “We were under the understanding that there was a meeting taking place with a wind company as well as a co-op group, just basically citizens that are hoping to erect turbines on their properties,” says Anderson.

It turns out the developer never showed up, and Anderson believes word of their demonstration forced a change in location. There are currently no wind turbines in Rodney and Anderson says they’re looking to keep it that way because of concerns over health affects, high energy costs, and the lack of input at the municipal level.

West Elgin and Dutton-Dunwich have both declared themselves non-willing hosts to industrialized wind turbines.