MP Contacted About Hockey Team

The MP for Chatham-Kent-Essex has been put on notice that a Junior A hockey team is considering a move to Chatham.

Dave Van Kesteren says he’s been contacted by municipal officials about the interest in the region. Van Kesteren knows an arena is top of mind but warns there’s only so much money to go around.

“We know that in the city of Chatham there’s this great need for roads and bridges and things of that nature,” says Van Kesteren. “I know the city’s been very active using the funds that have become available from the federal government for those projects, so we want to make sure that nobody gets the misconception that there’s just a cheque writing that goes on by the federal government, those things don’t happen.”On a personal level, Van Kesteren says as a hockey fan he’d love to see a Junior A team in the municipality, but would be concerned about the viability of the Chatham Maroons.

The municipality is in the process of collecting information requested by the interested team ownership during a meeting on December 22.