Wallaceburg’s Rabideau Shoots For Stars

Matt Rabideau’s life has been all about hockey, most recently as assistant GM of the North Bay Battalion.

Rabideau started his career as a player with the Wallaceburg Lakers in the early 2000s. He then helped turn the franchise around as a coach along with Mark Davis in 2006. He then continued to climb the ranks, serving as manager of hockey and education services with the OHL.

Rabideau was in the area during the Battalion’s Western road trip, and reflects on his time with the Lakers. “When I was a player for four years, we didn’t have the greatest record. So to be part of the coaching staff that was able to turn a lot of that around, that was really special to me.”

Although he’s now more than 600km away, he still sees Wallaceburg as the place where it all started. “When you’re always a small town boy, you have to work a lot harder than some people to get your opportunities, and hope you get those breaks through honesty and trust.”