The Interview To Play Locally

The Interview movie poster. (Photo courtesy The Interview/Columbia Pictures)

The controversial film The Interview is now being screened in select theatres across Canada and only one in Windsor-Essex.

Lakeshore Cinemas is one of only 28 theatres in the country choosing to run the movie after a threat was made to bomb any theatre that played the film.

Before Sony cancelled the movie, Lakeshore Cinemas general manager Gina Facca says she wanted to air The Interview on it’s schedule Christmas Day release date. “No, there’s no concern there. We’ve spoken to our patrons about it and overall there doesn’t seem any concern,” says Facca. “Originally when we heard that The Interview was not going to be shown by major chains, we spoke to our film booker and said that we would take the movie anyway.”

Four screenings of The Interview will start playing today at Lakeshore Cinemas at 12:55pm, 4:05pm, 6:55pm and 9:20pm. “I don’t know about a sold-out opening, but I expect it to be busy,” says Facca. “It’s difficult to tell with the day-and-date release that Sony did with this particular movie. It’s something that there’s been a lot of talk about in the industry when movies are released on video and demand at the same time as they’re are released to the exhibitors.”