Bridge Shooting “I Want To Die”

The Canadian man who was shot by border guards at the Ambassador Bridge told officers right before the incident “just shoot me. I want to die.” has obtained an affidavit from the U.S. District Court. In the document, a 22-year-old Canadian is identified as the man who pulled a gun on border officials on December 21.

The suspect is being charged with forcible assault, resisting and interfering with a federal officer, among other counts.

The next day, officers interviewed the man and learned he purchased a BB gun and painted it black with the intention of pointing it at law enforcement officers.

The suspect told police he was trying to attempt “suicide by cop.” Prior to the incident at the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor police say the same man was at a McDonalds with a gun. The affidavit says the man told Windsor police to shoot him and when they didn’t, he fled towards the border.