NHL Called Hypocritical Over Betting

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is calling out the NHL for the league’s opposition to single-game sports betting in Canada.

Masse says the NHL is hypocritical after introducing fans to real betting on its website, but is against Canadian casinos doing much of the same. “They are very negative to this bill, but didn’t have very much evidence,” says Masse. “At the same time, between their fantasy leagues and now this other betting thing, they are really showing themselves that gambling is okay as long as it’s done through us and not through anyone else.”

Masse says his office will be sending a letter to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman next week. “For them to set up their own site that allows for this really shows that they really are not discouraging betting on their product,” Masse says. “They’re actually benefiting from it.”

Single-game sports betting is something Masse says needs to move out of the underground and away from private enterprise. “We’re missing out on all kinds of money that goes to organized crime, offshore betting accounts and none of that money gets returned to taxpayers for health, education or sports gaming addiction,” says Masse. “None of those resources are provided because those avenues of gaming which takes place don’t account for those contributions, so the public is getting short-changed.”