Hope-ing For Gas Tax Leniency

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope gives his inaugural address on December 1, 2014. (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

If it were up to Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope, Gas Tax dollars received from the Ontario Government would be put towards infrastructure development.

However, the province only allows that money to be allocated to developing public transit. With Chatham-Kent’s transit systems covered, Hope says the money is stuck sitting in reserves.

“If you can demonstrate, as a municipality, you’ve done the maximum you can do in providing for local transit,¬†you should be able to make an application and say ‘we wish to use 1-million to redo some sidewalks, fix a bridge,” says Hope.

Hope adds exemptions should be made, considering the logistics of the municipality.

“It’s not a cookie cutter approach, it’s not one size fits all. We’re trying to come up with something different and creative,” he says.