CK Gets Hockey Meeting Request

Chatham-Kent’s CAO is confirming to the municipality has been approached this week for a meeting with a hockey club.

While Don Shropshire says the meeting will take place, he won’t say which team or league. “My biggest concern is we’ve got some existing commitments to people like the Maroons organization and so on. And every time the speculation comes up that there’s something else coming to town or whatever, you know, I can imagine the ownership there and the team members have a lot of questions.”

Shropshire says this is the fourth time Chatham-Kent has been approached about hosting a hockey team in the last ten years.

And while officials are willing to consider a serious offer, Shropshire says Chatham-Kent doesn’t have an appropriate arena and building one isn’t in the master plan. “I think we’re open to hearing what people have to say. I mean, it’s like any other business coming to town. We’ve made commitments that said we’re interested in having businesses come to Chatham-Kent and that’s just another form of entertainment business. So, I think we’ll keep our ears open and listen to what people have to say.”