Christmas Tree A Special Gift (Video)

A close-up photo of a Christmas tree. (Photo courtesy

A local Chatham family is getting some help making their Christmas holidays a little brighter.

Shelley Bechard-Kloostra of Chatham and her daughters had a difficult year with the death of husband and father Paul Kloostra in January. The family had a surprise gift of a Christmas tree presented to them thanks to family friend Donna Jubenville.

“She was very surprised, very happy, her father was there too. Her other daughter is away at university so they got her in by Facetime so she could see it as well. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It was just such a beautiful thing,” says Jubenville, describing what it was like when the tree was prensented to the¬†family. “If they could have a brand new tree with decorations, just something to bring a smile to their faces at Christmas, that’s something I’d really like to do for them.”

Jubenville had her submission to the Toyota Wishmaker campaign chosen leading to the gift. The campaign is granting a wish every day leading up to Christmas Day.