Snowblower. (photo courtesy of

Snowblowers In High Demand

If you don’t already own a snowblower, you might need some luck in finding one to buy this winter.

Chatham Outdoor Power and Pedal is sold out more than a month before it normally would be, and owner Bill Schram says he’s not the only one in such a position.

He explains that no one could find snowblowers last season, so people have been buying them months in advance, anticipating another harsh winter.

“We’ve got 100 sold and I’ve got 20 more coming. Then I’ve got another 50 on back order,” he says.

Schram says manufacturers like Toro aren’t taking any more orders for the rest of the year because they’re so swamped. He feels lucky to have got orders in ahead of time, meaning he’ll eventually have new machines, but it might be a while.