Wallaceburg’s Water Source Could Change

Wallaceburg residents only have about two weeks left to let a consulting company know where they want to get their drinking water from.

Right now the water comes from the Snye River, but Stantec Consulting Ltd. is recommending that it come from Lake Erie via Chatham instead.

“If we were to upgrade the existing facility, the 40-year cost would be in the neighbourhood of $67-million. If we were connected to the Chatham system, the projected cost over the 40-year period would be about $37-million,” says Public Utilities Commissioner General Manager Tom Kissner,  adding that most of the residents at a recent public meeting were not in favour of getting water from Lake Erie. “There were about 25 people out for that meeting, and I would think, from the outcome of that meeting, that the majority of those people would either like water from Lake Huron or to maintain the sytem that’s in place now.”

Stantec will be accepting comments from the public until December 12. Comments can be sent to Andrew Galloway with the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission over the phone at 519-436-0119 ext. 313 or emailed to andrewga@chatham-kent.ca.