CCAC Responds To Criticism

The CEO of the Erie St.Clair Community Care Access Centre calls it a service realignment, not a service cut.

Lori Marshall is responding to criticism over a 33% reduction in the number of home care visits to some patients. She insists the goal isn’t to leave patients in the cold, but rather to give them a level of care appropriate for their needs. “A lot of the service that we provide is not long term. We provide short term support to individuals to become more healthy and to manage on their own.”

The decision to reduce the number of visits to some patients has sparked a firestorm of criticism by New Democrat MPP Lisa Gretzky, who has launched a petition calling for the CCAC to reverse its decision.

Marshall denies service has been cut, saying staff are working harder than ever. “We’ve expanded the number of patients that we see by over 5%,” she says. “Nursing visits have gone up by 16%. Personal support visits have gone up by 39%.”

Patients and families unhappy with the decision to reduce home visits can launch an appeal.