Satans Return to Wallaceburg

The Wallaceburg Senior B lacrosse team has a name. The team, which moved from Sarnia this year, will be called the Wallaceburg Satans.

President Steve Lilley says they don’t have any concerns that the team name will offend anyone. “We’ve had the Red Devils, there hasn’t been any backlash for that. It’s not like we are doing anything to push that, it’s all in good fun, it’s just sports.”

Team officials came across the name while researching the history of lacrosse in the town. A Junior B team in Wallaceburg back in the 1970s was called the Satans.

The team is now holding a a contest to design a new logo for the team. The deadline to submit a logo is next Wednesday, November 12 at 5pm.

Submissions can be emailed to, or submitted through their Facebook or Twitter accounts.