Leamington OB Unit Closure Spreads

The planned closure of the obstetrics ward at Leamington District Memorial Hospital brings many residents to a public forum on October 29, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Surrounding municipalities are now getting involved in trying to reverse the decision to close Leamington’s obstetrics unit.

Outgoing Kingsville Deputy Mayor Tamara Stomp appeared before Essex town councillors Monday night asking for their support to try and keep the unit opened.

Essex councillors voted to send a letter of opposition to hospital administration and the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network, requesting them to rescind the decision. “I travel every day to Windsor myself and I know that’s a difficult trip, especially if I was in labour at the time,” says Stomp. “And it is still far from your home where all your people are to help you and rally around you as they should be at a birthing time.”

Stomp also plans to raise the issue at the next Essex County Council meeting on November 19. “If you project years into the future, you may find that if you don’t have anybody settling in your community because there are no services for OB,” says Stomp. “You may find that you don’t have needs for soccer fields for the children, for your schools.”

The LHIN is holding a special open meeting on November 12th at the Roma Club in Leamington. That starts at 5pm, but speakers are encouraged to register beforehand.