Stakeholders Hear Cultural Plan

Members of the public hear about

Community Services has unveiled its cultural plan to be introduced to Chatham-Kent’s new council during its first meeting.

Among the recommendations and requests, the plan outlines a lack of storage space for Chatham-Kent museums, and the reduction of seating in the Kiwanis Theatre to be replaced by new, more comfortable seats.

But there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered, particularly from the Museum Advisory Committee. Member Jerry Hind says they never saw the plan until a few days before its release. “There has to be an openness…not just ‘saying’ openness. We need to sit down and hash out things and say what’s really on our mind,” says Hind.

The executive summary focuses on cultural outlets in Chatham, but goes into greater detail about culture groups in other communities. Marlee Robinson has read the report and says these should be grown not shrunk. “If you look at the whole plan, they’re trying to get rid of the Tilbury and the Blenheim Heritage Centre.”

The first council meeting with new members is set for December 8.