Math App Prompts Discussion photo

A Lambton Kent District School Board teacher hopes to see tools like “photomath” paired with supplemental lessons in the classroom.

The Photomath app takes a screenshot of math problems and solves them for users, providing information on how the answer was reached. Does this give students an easy out come homework time? According to Grade 8 teacher Brian Aspinall the app can be beneficial, but it needs further instruction and explanation.

“I think it’s important for them not to assume the answer is right because the [technology] said so, but be able to critique it and understand if it might potentially be reasonable,” says Aspinall.

Of course the app can’t get around complicated word and critical thinking problems. Aspinall adds that he’d like to see a bigger focus on these types of problems. “Somewhere along the lines we started quantifying homework, especially math. It became ‘You’re going to do 30 of the same problems at night,’ and I think we need to rethink that as the best practice.”