Francis Disappointed Over Lost Deal

Former Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis October 24, 2014. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis doesn’t think there’s any more that could have been done to land Ford’s global engine headquarters in Windsor.

“The City of Windsor put a package together that was presented as part of discussions with the federal and provincial government,” he says. “The city put financial dollars and incentives on the table. And the city, through me — not through a proxy, not through a third party, but through me — was working directly with Ford, with the premier’s office, with the minister’s office, all the appropriate officials and with the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation.” Francis says that incentive package included an $8.5-million tax freeze for ten years, based on Ford’s potential use of facilities and the jobs it would bring to the city.

He says it’s disappointing, knowing that the motor company could have brought one thousand jobs to the Windsor, but he adds that it’s important to realize the city still has a strong relationship with Ford.

The mayor believes this should only motivate government and labour officials to work even harder for the next opportunity.