Candidates See Opening In Ward 1 photo

New candidates in West Chatham-Kent like their odds with Brian King not running for re-election.

There’s still one incumbent running for Ward 1 councillor, Bryon Fluker. But Kathy Cottingham says she’d be lying if she said it didn’t create an opening in the area. “Even though Brian will be missed by the constituents it certainly does leave that option of filling a position.” Mark Authier agrees, saying he was suprised when he heard King wasn’t running. “I thought he did a fine job on the council for the last few years that he’s been in.”

But Rudy Toews says this is an opportunity to strike, since it’s guranteed that at least one new candidate will be voted in. “I always like to see that there’s enough names in the ring to give people more of a choice.” But Dan Gelinas says that won’t matter if people don’t get out and vote. “We have to remember that people have a tendency to stay home, they don’t go out and vote in municipals the way they do in provincial and federal [elections].”

In the 2010 election, both Bryon Fluker and Brian King were acclaimed.