Former CFCO Host In Ottawa

RCMP continue to investigate the Ottawa shootings that claimed the life of a Canadian Soldier.

The Soldier, who was shot by a gunman in front of the National War Memorial, has been identified as Hamilton’s Nathan Cirillo. The gunman was later involved in a shootout in Centre Block of Parliament, before being shot and killed by Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers.

Former CFCO Host Dorothy Dickie now works just minutes away from Parliament Hill. She says the streets were chaotic when the incident occurred. “Police were yelling at people…telling them to get off the street. Mayhem broke loose very quickly and word spread really quickly as well.” Dickie had walked past the memorial just 20 minutes before the incident occurred just before 10am Wednesday morning.

She says a sense of innocence has been lost as a result. “You always take it for granted that everything’s going to be normal, day-to-day routine and you’re feeling safe and secure. Now that’s sort have been taken away from you, you’ve been robbed of that.” No motive has yet to be determined for the shootings. Police also say they are hunting for more shooters.