Wallaceburg Candidates Want Industry

Candidates up for Ward 5 Council positions want to become a focal point in council chambers for the next four years.

Wallaceburg has been historically opposed to amalgamation since its inception. Jeff Wesley has seen the effects first hand. He says that projects he’s wanted (like pools and hospitals) have taken longer to approve than they should have. “If we’re truly one community, then I shouldn’t have to fight for some of what I would call ‘easy topics.'” Sheldon Parsons was unavailable for comment.

The loss of major industrial jobs over the years also has candidates concerned. “We’ve had to almost remake…what our community is and where we need to go in the future,” says Carmen McGregor. “We need to increase sustainable jobs in this community.” William Arends thinks this is doable. “I think there’s a good workforce here, good people.”

All candidates agree that more needs to be done to fill up larger industrial buildings. These once housed 500-600 employees, some now hold less than 100.