Consolidation Working In Ridgetown

Ridgetown grade 8 teacher Greg Terry (at podium) joins students at a recent LKDSB meeting to discuss the 7-12 model at Ridgetown High.

Four years after Ridgetown District High School accepted Grade 7 and 8 students, teachers are weighing in on the effect the program is havingĀ on the elementary students.

The students have their own hallway in the upstairs portion of the building, as well as a separate entrance into the school. While they do get to interact with the high school students, Grade 8 teacher Greg Terry says this is usually on a supervised basis. “We have peer helpers as well as other events like assemblies and special events.”

More recently, Wallaceburg District Secondary School has gone through the same programming change. Terry says he hopes the 7-12 model will be adopted elsewhere. “We found that there’s been an improvement just with maturity levels. They’re not the big fish in the small pond but they’re thrown in with the high school students either.” Terry added he had his doubts when the program first started, but it has exceeded his expectations.

Wallaceburg district schools went through consolidation in September.