Hospitals Prepare for Ebola Virus

Windsor Regional Hospital employee demonstrates how to put on personal protective equipment for infectious disease control. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Local hospitals are following Ministry of Health directives to put extra protocols in place in case of a possible Ebola case.

Windsor Regional Hospital says protocols to protect against infectious diseases have been in place for over a decade but all staff are receiving refresher training on how to properly take on and off protective gear.

Hospital Chief Operating Officer Karen McCullough says they are in daily contact with the ministry, the Centre of Disease Control and the public health unit. “It’s really the coordination of the public health guidelines and the centres for disease control that we’re working with, and of course communication of those throughout Windsor Regional Hospital and the community are essential.”

If a patient tested positive in Windsor, he or she would be transported to the closest Ebola designated centre in London. Protocols are currently being put in place by the Ministry of Health for that process.