Border City Features Bret Hart

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Border City Wrestling is bringing stars of its industry to Windsor, while providing St. Clair College students with work experience.

World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer Bret Hart is featured in tonight’s “Excellence” production, but BCW Founder Scott D’Amore says it’s the Entertainment Technologies students from St. Clair that make it feel like much more than just an independent wrestling event. “You get lighting rigging, you get moving head lights, you get a light show with lasers, you get a little bit of pyrotechnics blowing off, you get video screens,” explains D’Amore. “You get a bit of that rock concert feel because it’s really an event that’s used to provide real-world experience to the St. Clair students.”

BCW collaborates with the college once or twice a year to put on a show, which ends up counting as part of the students’ grades.

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