College Course Draws Political Attention

A continuing education course offered in Leamington by St. Clair College has become a hot button political issue.

During interviews and debates, mayoral candidate Charlie Wright has frequently stated he was instrumental in bringing the computer course to the municipality. However, an email released by incumbent John Paterson addressed to him from college Vice President John Fairley claims Wright attended just five of the eleven planning meetings.

The course is hosted by the South Essex Community Council and Executive Director Carolyn Warkentin says it’s here because of a group effort between several organizations, including the town. “They provided assistance making sure the public was aware, helping to get word of the survey out. Also, helping to come up with the plan to bring the course here. After we decided which course would be coming, again helping to get the word out.”

According to Paterson, Wright was part of those meetings because he appointed him. He says he didn’t have time because he was helping negotiate the purchase of the Heinz plant by Highbury-Canco. A message was left with Wright by seeking comment, but wasn’t returned.

Currently 13 people are enrolled in the course, mostly former Heinz employees who are brushing up on their computer skills.