Carbon Monoxide Detectors Now Mandatory

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / dehooks

Carbon Monoxide detectors are mandatory in all residential homes beginning today.

Bill 77 updates Ontario’s fire code saying CO detectors are required near all sleeping areas and in service rooms. The alarms can be hardwired, battery-operated or plugged into the wall.

Lakeshore fire chief Don Williamson says this will help alert families about the silent killer. “It’s odourless and colourless. You can’t tell that you have it in your home and a lot of times it mimics the same symptoms as the flu,” says Williamson. “So you’ll feel nauseous , headache, light-headed, sleepy and you can’t tell the difference. If you go to sleep with carbon monoxide in high enough levels in your home, you won’t wake up.”

More than 50 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year in Canada. The first Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is November 1-8.