UPDATE: More Child Exploitation Charges Laid

Windsor Police Public Information Officer Matthew D'Asti reveals 64 additional charges have been laid against a man accused of child exploitation. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Windsor police have laid 64 additional charges against a Windsor man accused of child exploitation.

James Piche, 29, of Windsor was arrested September 24 on three charges. On Tuesday, the Windsor Police Internet Exploitation Unit laid 64 more charges. Those charges include making, accessing and possessing child pornography as well as sexual assault and sexual interference.

Police say the incidents happened between 2006 and 2014 with victims ages 11 to 16. Police have identified three local victims and made contact with their families. Windsor police have reason to believe there may be more victims in the area and are urging anyone with information to step forward. Police say Piche remains in custody.

“The investigation is ongoing and 28 terrabytes of data is a huge, huge amount of data as you can imagine,” says Windsor Police Public Information Office Matthew D’Asti. “I understand that these officers are still pouring over the items that they’ve seized and there could be additional charges coming in the future.”