First Nations People Honoured (Gallery)

The Wisdom sculpture is unveiled in Chatham-Kent honouring Chief Tecumseh and all First Nations people. (Photo by Jason Viau)

A sacred area in Chatham-Kent where lives were lost in the War of 1812 now honours Chief Tecumseh and all First Nations people.

The site is called “A Place of Many Grasses” and it’s located just east of Thamesville on Longwoods Rd. Hundreds of people gathered Sunday for the dedication of the Wisdom sculpture.

Gordon Reeve designed and created the 6,000 lbs sculpture that symbolizes sharing the history of First Nations people. “It’s a sacred spot because people fought and died in this area. This is an oral culture. It’s a culture that goes back seven, nine, perhaps 10,000 years in this area,” says Reeve. “That hasn’t happened anywhere else in the world because everybody else has moved around. So this represents the earliest cultures.”

Most of the project was funded through the federal government’s 1812 Commemoration Fund.