Seniors Day Flag Raising

Mayor Randy Hope (far left) and CARP 49 Board Director Steve Brent (far right) joined staff and CARP members in the Seniors Day Flag Raising.

The Chatham-Kent Civic Centre showed its appreciation for the senior population in a ceremony today.

It’s part of National Seniors Day across the country, celebrated every October 1. Municipal staff were joined by members of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) to raise the blue flag that will fly over the Centre for the rest of the day.

Susan Bechard is the chairperson for CARP 49, and says this ceremony symbolizes the focus communities should have on an increasingly aging population: “So what are we doing going forward to look at that community, and how can we help them better age so they’re healthy in the way that they age.”

There are 700 card-carrying members of CARP in Chatham-Kent.