7th Annual Water Festival

The man-made lake at C.M. Wilson Conservation Area (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Water, water everywhere, making children think.

That’s the goal for organizers of the Chatham-Kent and Lambton Children’s Water Festival, which is cancelled today because of the fog, but it is still on for¬†Thursday, October 2.

High school students are joining local Grade 4 and 5 students at CM Wilson Conservation Area, with over 40 displays emphasizing the importance of water conservation and protection.

Festival Coordinator Don Hector says teaching them now, will mean clean water later. “We’re surrounded by the Great Lakes, water quality is important for both rural and urban [communities]. So this is one of the things we’re trying to get across.”

Hector adds they’re expecting to have around 600 students come out. It’s not a problem for Hector, who is happy to get the children learning outside the classroom. “Hands-on is always the best way to go,” he says. “They experience it, they live it. None of these displays and activities is someone sitting back and talking about things, the kids get involved.”

This is the seventh year that the Chatham-Kent and Lambton Children’s Water Festival is being held.