CK Crime Rates Decline

Chatham-Kent Police Service hat. (Photo by Dave Richie)

Statistics Canada says Chatham-Kent’s 2013 crime rates are down by 23% compared to the previous year, including a decline in break and enters.

“It’s certainly the biggest decrease that we have seen in crime stats year over year for a number of years,” says Chatham-Kent Police Chief Dennis Poole. “It is encouraging to see that decline and it’s encouraging to know that we are following the national trend as well.”

Poole recognizes the pattern of chronic offenders and says monitoring and investigating those individuals continues to be a priority for the force.

“It’s not unusual for us to find that our chronic offenders and our career criminals are primarily responsible for these crime trends,” he says. “The more successful we are at interdicting them and having them sentenced to jail, the better our crime stats reflect that.”

Poole credits the reduced crime rates to a multi-year police action plan and greater community involvement in crime prevention.