Michigan Responds To Detroit Border Decision

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s executive office is responding to a unanimous decision by Detroit City Council to reject a proposal affecting the new border crossing between Windsor and Detroit.

Council expressed concerns about the sale price, $1.4-million and the protection of residents in Del Ray during construction on the bridge. Under the proposal, the State of Michigan would buy the land, and Canada would cover the cost.

An email from Snyder’s office says it is disappointed by the vote. “It didn’t give full consideration to the comprehensive Neighbourhood Development Agreement that was developed as part of this process and was a groundbreaking framework that underscored Gov. Snyder’s deep commitment to community benefits. It was based in part with input from members of the impacted community and surrounding area.”

The statement also says Snyder looks forward to discussing council’s concerns and working through them. “The governor remains absolutely committed to (community benefits) and actively engaging and working with community leaders on this critical topic.”

The decision affects 301 tax-reverted properties in Del Ray.

The Canadian government has already committed to funding construction on the New International Transportation Crossing in addition to buying the land for the U.S. border plaza.