Sunset Superslam To Rock Erieau

Sunset Superslam 5 happens August 31 in Erieau. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Sunset Superslam 5 promises to be one of the biggest events Erieau has ever seen, with live wrestling, a beer tent and a performance by Superfly.

Organizer Donald Dusten says the annual event started off as a showdown for his friends when the stage for his band’s gig turned into a wrestling ring. ┬áHe notes it was clear at the time they hit upon something special.

“It has gotten to the point where every year we have a jumbotron. We practice and write out all the matches. Everything has to be constructed, so this year we have more people than ever before,” says Dusten. “It’s high intensity, action packed, very funny and we keep it PG so the kids can come out and enjoy it. We love Erieau and we love living in Erieau. If we can host a party that makes a little bit of money that we can donate back to make the community a better place for everyone then that’s exactly why we do it.”

The show starts at 6pm on Sunday, August 31 at Laverne Kelly Memorial Park in Erieau.

All money raised will go towards community projects in the village. Details can be found here.