Speed Limit Changes Coming

A number of roads in Chatham-Kent are going to see a speed limit change.

A 90 km/h speed limit will go into effect on 12 sections of roads totalling 199 km. It marks the second phase of a roads study that saw a number of speed limit changes during phase 1 back in 2008.

The speed limit change will cost the municipality $45,400 in year one, in part due to winter maintenance, routine patrol frequency, asphalt patch, and sign installations. Beyond year one it will cost taxpayers $11,400 annually.

The full list of roads that will see speed limit changes to 90 km/h are listed below:

Charing Cross Rd. from Charing Cross to Cedar Springs; Countryview Line from Kent Bridge Rd. to Turnerville; Irish School Rd. from McCreary Line to the north limit (Lambton County border); Kent Bridge Rd. from McKay’s Corners to Magnavilla Line; Kent Bridge Rd. from Kent Bridge to Base Line; Longwoods Rd. from Thamesville to the easterly limit (Middlesex County border); Merlin Rd. from 300 m south of Tenth Line to Fletcher; Middle Line from Blenheim to Charing Cross; Middle Line from Charing Cross to South Buxton; Middle Line from South Buxton to Merlin; Middle Line from Merlin to 400 m west of Valetta Rd.; Clachan Rd. between Longwoods Rd. and the Middlexex County border.

Also, Kent Bridge Rd. in Kent Bridge will be reduced from 60 km/h to 50 km/h, and the current 60 km/h speed limit zone on Middle Line in South Buxton be extended to a point 450 m west of A.D. Shadd Rd.