St. Clair Axes Annex Deal

Capitol Theatre Annex. June 25 2013. ( file photo)

St. Clair College is no longer considering the Capitol Theatre Annex property on King St. W. as the location for its downtown Chatham campus.

Officials from the college say talks between St. Clair and a third party have failed to result in a deal.

“I’m not able to discuss negotiations and things like that, but at this time the negotiations have ended,” says Vice President of St. Clair College John Fairley. “We’re still looking at having a presence in the downtown core.”

The municipality was looking at granting the college $1.3-million if it moved into the annex property, owned by Apollo Property Management. Mayor Randy Hope’s daughter works for Apollo Property Management, which resulted in conflict of interest and breach of trust allegations. Hope was found not guilty by a Chatham judge, however the OPP Anti-Rackets branch continues to investigate his involvement in the proposed deal.

Fairley tells the goal is still to have a baking program established downtown by the 2015-2016 school year. He hopes council will still support them financially to create a second campus in Chatham.