Police Warn Of Lethal Drugs

A renewed warning to people who buy and use synthetic or so called home made drugs.

A homicide investigation is being launched in Toronto after police say two people died at a music festival over the weekend. 13 other concert-goers were taken to hospital and police believe all 15 took a party drug.

Chatham-Kent police Chief Dennis Poole says synthetic or home made drugs are always a concern for police. “People don’t know what is in those drugs and they’re ingesting them into their system, either by injection or otherwise, and really you have no idea what is in those pills or in those drugs you’re putting into your system,” says Poole.

Investigators in Toronto want to obtain the drug so it can be tested to see if it contains any poison. Poole says if it was poison that killed them it may not have been intentional. “It can also mean an ingredient was put into that particular mix that reacted with another ingredient and produced something toxic.”