Pushing For Peace In Gaza

Derry McKeever. (BlackburnNews.com file photo)

The rain is putting a bit of a damper on the Chatham-Kent Social Justice coalition’s efforts to educate local residents on the war in Gaza.

Today’s action in Ridgetown was cancelled, but the group is still planning to hold several more across Chatham-Kent with street actions in Blenheim tomorrow, Tilbury on Thursday, and Chatham on Friday.

“The big war machine that is backed by the US government needs to be pulled back. We are saying that the Canadian government needs to change its attitude from one of supporting one side to where we were for years as peacekeepers,” says spokesperson Derry McKeever. “We’re asking people to create dialogue to talk about it in their community and then we hope that people will call their MP.”

A separate group is also holding a Silent Human Chain for Gaza Children taking place in Windsor tonight from 6:30pm – 7:30pm on Riverside Dr. Participants are asked to wear a white shirt and refrain from bringing any signs.