Fuel Tax Could Hurt Travel

Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls is afraid Ontario’s proposed aviation fuel tax hike is going to push more travellers across the border to fly.

“When the budget passed they (Buffalo Niagara International Airport) said that was one of their happiest days because they know people in and around the Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe will probably be taking more advantage of taking flights out of Buffalo,” says Nicholls. “Now the same thing could hold true in Detroit.”

The Liberal government’s recent budget calls for the current tax of 2.7 cents per litre jump to 6.7 cents by 2017.

Nicholls says commercial airlines will be left with no choice but to raise ticket prices to offset the increase.

He says smaller airports like Chatham-Kent’s will also feel the impact when single-engine pilots, students and cargo businesses are forced to pay more for gas.