Hockey Camp Boosting Confidence

Antonio Fernandes at the Dskate hockey camp in Milton. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Fernandes via. Twitter)

A Chatham boy is learning that having type-one diabetes doesn’t mean having to give up sports.

Antonio Fernandes, 6, is currently in Milton at the Dskate hockey camp, which is only open to kids who have diabetes.

“The best part too is that he’s working with all kids that have type-one diabetes,” says Antonio’s mom Melissa Fernandes. “So they are on the rink doing drills, they’ll blow the whistle, they all skate off and test, and then skate back on. So he feels like there is no difference between him and any other player.”

Some of the special guests and coaches at the camp include former and current NHLers who also have diabetes, like Nick Boynton and Cory Conacher, as well as Olympic rower Chris Jarvis.