Colder Wetter Summer So Far

It’s been a cooler than usual summer in the Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex regions so far this year.

Environment Canada’s Geoff Coulson says there’s also been a real lack of 30 c (86 f) days so far. “We had two days in June where the temperature got up to 30 c or warmer, our normal for June is five days where the temperature gets that warm,” says Coulson. “In July, traditionally our warmest month, we expect to see six or seven days where the temperature is going to get to 30 c or warmer, we haven’t had any this July.”

The average temperature for June was 19.9 c (67.82 f) with the long-term average slightly warmer at 20.3 c (68.54 f). Coulson says the differential in July was much more noticeable with the average temperature at 19.2 c (66.56 f) last month compared to the long-term average of 22.6 c (72.68 f). Coulson had to go back to 2009 to find a July that was cooler, with an average temperature of 18.5 c (65.3 f).

He also says July was wetter than usual with 130 mm (5.12 in.) of rain with the long-term average at 85.4 (3.36 in). Coulson forecasts more seasonal like temperatures for the month of August.