Big Border Announcement Expected

U.S. and Canadian flags along Windsor's riverfront. (Photo by Melanie Borrelli.)

A big announcement is expected today for the new border crossing between Windsor and Detroit.
“Having the overall governance structure addressed is critical for plaza development,” says Windsor West MP Brian Masse. “It’s critical for the U.S. side for property acquisition. It’s important for the actual management of the site as well too, and for moving forward with the United States having a permanent liaison that’s actually on the ground in the community.”

Masse would prefer a border authority overseeing all five border crossings between Windsor and Detroit, but doubts that will be the case. He says it sounds like the governance structure will only cover the new border crossing in the west end of the city. “Many other areas, ironically, already have border authorities that look at the entire region, he says. “Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, Niagara Falls. We are the anomaly in the system.”

He’s also argued for an environmental legacy fund to benefit residents who have been adversely affected by construction on both the border crossing and the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Pkwy.

Canadian Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will be at the announcement, taking place Wednesday morning at 10:30am at the Canadian Club Heritage Centre on Riverside Dr. E in Windsor.