Calling For A Cease-Fire

A group gathers in downtown Chatham to protest the violence in Gaza. July 24, 2014. (Photo by Ashton Patis)

A group of Chatham-Kent residents is urging Canadian politicians to take action against the violence in Gaza.

President of the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association Hassan Elkhodr is calling on the government to push for the fighting to stop.

“They say Israel has the right to defend themselves and they are absolutely giving the wrong message,” says Elkhodr, who believes Israel has been the aggressor. “Even the people living in Gaza are not originally from Gaza, they are from inside Israel where Israelis took their home, took their land, and drove them away.”

The same group that gathered in Chatham on Thursday is hosting another demonstration in Leamington from 2pm-4pm on Saturday at Oak and Erie by the Heinz plant.