Still No Brown Water Fix

Upgrades are still pending at the Chatham water treatment plant, with officials hoping equipment arrives before the lake turnover causes brown water in the area.

The Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission is implementing a two-phase, $1.5-million sodium permanganate dosing system and powdered active carbon dosing system to eliminate all smells and discolouration. Last year, the lake turn over occurred during the second week of September, leaving many residents with brown tap water for several days.

“We want to get the project up and running and commissioned as quickly as possible. We’re anticipating by the middle of September, the third week of September, we should have that system up and running,” says PUC General Manager Tom Kissner. “Depending on the weather we never know when the lake is going to turn over, so certainly that’s a concern. If we could have had this work done back in June I’d feel better than I do now, but we still anticipate that the lake turn over won’t happen until we get this system up and running.”

Before deciding what to do about the water situation, the municipality hired a consultant at a cost of $49,000.