NDP Leader Criticizes Budget

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath visits Sarnia. June 9th 2014

The leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party says it’s a provincial budget that just doesn’t add up.

Andrea Horwath says it’s exactly what voters in the last election rejected from the Progressive Conservatives. “The government is primed to sell off our treasured assets,” says Horwath. “They are primed to layoff 100,000 public sector workers.” She says the budget also doesn’t address rising hydro rates and does nothing to spur job creation.

Some supporters criticized Horwath for not supporting the budget and triggering an election, but Horwath says below the surface, the document is far from progressive. “They sold a bill of goods that wasn’t truthful,” she says. “This is not a progressive budget because hidden inside this budget are all kinds of surprises that will not be good surprises for the people of Ontario.”

As for the $130.4-billion the Liberals have pegged for infrastructure improvements over the next decade, Horwath has a warning. “The question will be, do they actually roll out the money. They make a heck of a lot of promises, but they’re not showing where they get the money from.”