Jaycee Pool Opening Delayed

Jaycee Pool in Chatham. (Photo by Dave Richie)

Chatham’s Jaycee Pool on Phillip St. will not re-open to the public today.

The re-opening has been pushed back for the second time. Repairs began in May of this year and were expected to be completed by June 28, when the other two municipally-owned public pools opened.

“We kind of woke up a sleeping giant, when we took the old pool liner off, the condition of the old cement pool was way worse than I thought it would ever be, so we had to do some repairs on that before we could put the new liner in,” says Facility Supervisor Brian Bennett. “The whole deck was replaced. The pool itself, we fixed up the cement problems and put a brand new 30-year liner in there. In the change room we took off the old roof and all the old wood then put a brand new roof on it.”

It is expected the pool will be open by next week. Bennett says the repairs are still under the $100,000 budgeted for the project.